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WPBurger is a new blog which has been started in the mid of the year 2018. This blog has been completely focused on all WordPress related stuff including WordPress Plugins, Themes, Tutorials, SEO, Hosting, Make Money Online, WordPress Tips, and Tricks. It covers all the advance and basic information regarding WordPress. So, whether you are already a WordPress expert or just start using WordPress today, our blog WPBuger will surely help you to get learn more and new things about WP.

To keep this blog up to date with new stuff and latest issues related to WP, we are aiming to update our blog on daily basis. This will help you to understand the new changes in WordPress development, errors and how to fix them easily without hiring a professional developer or taking help from someone else. We have tried to cover all the WP related problem in our blog but if you did not find anything which you are looking on the internet then you can always contact us by email or through our social media channels like

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At the start, WPBurger has very basic information and we are trying to fill it with the top 10 plugins and themes but in coming months, you will found and the solutions of your WordPress problems including solving the advance WP errors.


Currently, we have the following categories on our blog:

  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Tutorials

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