Top 10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins 2020 UK

If you have already step-up your WordPress website but having the loading time issue then you need to install a good WP cache plug-in. A good cache plugin does not only improves the loading speed of your website but also improve the overall performance simply by removing the database queries and other files by generating the static version of a dynamic website.

We bring the complete guide for you which will not only help you to select a WP cache plugin and also informed you that what are the best free plugins available to install on a WordPress website etc.

What is a WordPress cache plugin?

When a visitor opens a website, there have been many functions took places behind the site including loading code executions and database queries. This makes the website loading time very slow. A WP cache plugin can improve this time simply by generating a static version of the content. This removed steps which took place when a page is generated dynamically.

A good WP cache plugin has been suggested by Google and all the popular content marketer because it improves the website loading time and bounce rate which ends up with the increase in sales. A user usually close a website if it takes a lot of time in the loading where he hesitates to visit other pages due to slow speed.

Benefits of installing WordPress cache plugin:

It is not just web developer and WordPress editors who say that installing a WP cache plugin can benefit your blog but also the Google. Here are some of the top benefits which you will enjoy once you install a “best WordPress cache plugin”:

  • Open the WordPress site in short time
  • Improve SEO by improving the site loading time
  • Lower website bounce rate by loading site fast
  • Increases sales because the user can access more pages in the short time

In short, the main aim of installing a WP cache plugin is to improve the website loading time so the user can stay on your website and access it quickly instead of close it without taking any action.

How to choose a WordPress Plugin for the website?

There aren’t much rules when it’s come to select a reliable WP cache plugin. You need to care about only a few things which are mentioned below:

  • What is the size of your website
  • What version of WordPress you are using
  • Whether you have a blog, e-commerce of business website
  • How many plugins you are already using

What is the current loading time of your website etc?

Defiantly, you would install a simple WP cache plugin if there isn’t much traffic and data on your website but if your website is full with content and you update posts on daily basis then you need to pick an advance cache plugin for your WordPress blog.

1 – WP Fastest Cache 2020 UK

It is one of the most downloaded and most reviewed WP-Cache plugin available on WordPress’s official website. This plugin will stop render pages again once they have been rendered to one visitor. It is one of the most basic but advance WP cache plugin available for free. The developer of this plugin updates it on regular basis to make it free from bugs and introduce new features.


  • Very easy to setup
  • The cache can be clear by 1 click
  • Minify HTML and CSS
  • Support both CDN and SSL
  • Work for mobile devices as well.

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2 – W3 Total Cache 2020 UK

It is one of the oldest plugin available in plugin directory which has been recommended by the Word press gurus including Google. It is also one of the first cache plugin available in the directory. This plugin can improve the site speed by 20%+. World popular blogs like Mashable, Smashing Magazine and Web Designer Depot are also using this plugin to make their website fast.


  • This plugin is also mobile friendly
  • Words fine with SSL sites as well
  • Affect site rank on search engine
  • Improve the rendering speed
  • Saves bandwidth up to 80%.

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3 – WP Rocket 2020 UK

There are many premium WP cache plugins available to download but among them, WP Rocket is most popular due to its premium features which you cannot enjoy in a free plugin. It is very user-friendly for webmaster even with the basic knowledge. You don’t need to do a lot of configuration to bring this plugin in working condition. The plugin will automatically configured on the basis of your blog’s specifications (number of posts, users, and size etc).


  • Intuitive and simple setup
  • Optimize HTTP requests related to Google fonts
  • This plugin can be integrated with CloudFlare
  • Support all file extensions including JavaScript
  • Images are loaded on visitor request
  • Instantly increase the site loading time.

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4 – Perfmatters 2020 UK

By standard, there are many files and features which start loading on WordPress when visitor visit the website. These are not necessary for most of the site. Perfmatters can increase the website loading time simply by enabling those requests which do not require to keep the website live for the visitor. Perfmatter also increases the website loading time simply by ignoring those HTTP requests which are not required. With the help of this WP plugin you also got an option to disable scripts of your website.


  • This is a very lightweight WP cache plugin
  • It can disable scripts on the page basis
  • Perfmatters can also disable options which makes website slow
  • You can also use this plugin with existing cache plugin
  • HTTP requests can be disabled while it does support DNS pre-fetch.

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5 – WP Super Cache 2020 UK

WP Super Cache has been downloaded more than 2 million times. All of the users have ranked this plugin best among all because its overall rating is 5 stars. This plugin has been updated on the regular basis where it increases the site speed disabling the crawl which can slow down the website during the large traffic spikes. This plugin generates the basic HTML file to ensure that visitor see the content of your website instantly.


  • Complete documentation available
  • Improve website loading time by 50%
  • Support CDN and have the option to rebuild the cache
  • Create static HTML sites by your request
  • More than 2 million downloads with 5 stars.

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6 – Cache Enabler 2020 UK

If you are looking for a lighter WP cache plugin then there are no better options than Cache Enabler. This plugin has been developed by KeyCDN. While this plugin is light in weight but still have many advanced options which you may not find on other plugins. For example, it has the option to set the expiry time and minification step options etc. To add CDN, you can also add its sister plugin for free.


  • Very simple to setup and easy to use
  • You can set the expiry times
  • Option to exclude posts from the cache
  • Clear the cache after new posts etc.

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7 – Hyper Cache 2020 UK

This plugin has been designed for those who do not have complex information about coding. This WP plugin does not require any type of complex configuration to make this plugin work. In a short time, this plugin has become popular due to its advanced feature, lightweight and easy to use options. As per our testing, this plugin can increase the loading time by 45% after the installation. It is 100% PHP plugin which works with every blog.


  • Double cache; separate for mobile and desktop version
  • It is HTTPS ready plugin
  • Automatically changes themes on the basis of the mobile device
  • Compression option available for non-cache pages as well
  • Comes up with many options of configurable bypasses.

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8 – WP Super Minify 2020 UK

There are separate files for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in WordPress. WP Super Minify has the power to combine all of them to reduces website loading times. This is a very simple plugin but it may be the conflict with some popular WordPress themes. So, make sure to have the backup of your WordPress before you install WP Super Minify. This plugin has the option to compress only three files which are CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.


  • You can disable compression of CSS and JavaScript
  • WP Super Minify is very easy to use the plugin
  • Whether its HTML of JavaScript all can be minifies
  • Complete documentation available
  • The setting and configuration page is easy to manage.

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9 – Comet Cache 2020 UK

With more than 60,000 downloads this plugin has the 4.5-star rating. It is more like a plug n play plugin which does not require you to configrate. In case if you want to change the setting, complete documentation is available on its official website. This plugin will allow you to control individual pages for cache clearing including the option to select non WordPress pages like XMP sitemaps and ATOM Feeds etc. There is an advanced version of this plugin also available but it is premium version. By our testing, this plugin will decrease the load time by 20%.


  • Documented configuration available
  • Provide full controls over options
  • This plugin also supports Wildcards
  • It can automatically set expiration time
  • HTTPS and side caching options.

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10 – WP 2020 UK

The last plugin of this list is no less popular than any of the other mentioned above. The WP has been downloaded more than 1 million times and it is still able to manage its high rating which is about 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is an award-winning plugin which has been specially designed to optimize the image cache data. The other plugin may reduce the quality of the image but WP keep the high quality of image remain and reduce the loading time by 89%. It supports all type of image files where smush all images of 1 MBs.


  • Un used Colors from images can be strips
  • Metadata from photos can be strips
  • Compress all image files to reduce file size
  • Optimization compression if available for all images.

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The main purpose of adding a WP cache plugin is to reduce the loading time of the website. But this does not mean that every WP cache plugin will perfectly work fine with your version of the blog. So, do not panic and choose the right one which marches with your WordPress theme options and makes it easy for both to run side by side to reduce the loading time of the website.

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