Top 10 Best WordPress Voting Plugins 2020 UK

Whether you are running a personal blog on WordPress, an online store or a forum, polls can be very helpful to increase the user engagement and gets the visitors opinion regarding any matter. A simple poll question can solve many problems of the website and gives some ideas to improve the user experience on the basis of their user’s opinion.

Thanks to WordPress who has made it very easy for us now to create a poll and get visitor opinion within seconds. In past, you need to create poll questions from third party websites and embed on your website. With the help of WordPress voting plug-in, you can easily get rid of this and store all the voting data on your server which can be used for the analysis purpose.

There are dozens of free and paid “WordPress voting plugins” or poll plugins available. Each of these voting WordPress plugins comes up with different features and specification. Choosing the right voting plugin is important because one wrong selection of plugin can make your whole website slow. To help you to pick the best post voting WordPress plugins in 2019, we bring this post for you.

What is a WordPress voting plugin?

You have probably seen the trend of voting websites where one can create a poll and get the opinion about the visitors. There are even websites who have been completely dedicated to the voting system only. Even the popular website like Reddit is based on it. The WordPress voting plugin works in same way. You can turn your whole website into a voting website or just create a poll in your new or existing posts.

This is a great plugin for websites like restaurant, food recipe, eCommerce and business listing etc. With the help of voting, you can filter the best option and knows that what do people like most.

Benefits of installing WordPress poll plugin:

The benefits of adding a plugin like poll or voting depend on the niche of the website. For example on the politic website, voting system can be used to know about the popular content where on the personal blog a poll can help one to decide that which outfit is better for the blogger etc. Some of the general benefits of installing a WordPress voting plugin are:

  • It can increase the user’s engagement
  • Help to understand what visitors like most
  • More effective as compared to reading the whole post
  • This plugin can help in the cherry picking
  • Data can be used for the analysis purpose.

Other than this, you can even add a poll in your posts just for fun purpose or to ask the users that whether they are liking your posts or not etc.

How to choose a best WordPress voting plugin 2020 UK?

If you Google “best voting plugins for WordPress” you will found the list of dozens of different plugins which can confuse you. So, it is better to filter one on the basis of following things:

  • What is the version of WP you are using?
  • What is the size of your website (go with the simple plugin if you have the heavy website)?
  • What type of options did you need a voting plugin?
  • Read reviews about the different voting plugin on
  • Check the number of downloads to get some idea about the quality
  • How often the plugin gets updated by the developer?

Top 10 WordPress voting plugins of 2020 UK:

Here is our list of top ten plugins which can be used for the voting purpose or creating the poll on your website.

1 – kk Star Ratings 2020 UK

KK star is a free WordPress rating plugin with more than 60,000 downloads an excellent rating. This plugin is famous because it is very simple to use and comes up with very basic rating stars button. It has advanced options which allow you to set the voting permission. You will able to control that whether you want unique votes on the base of IP or not. The developers of this plugin have made it 100% SEO friendly because it supports the Google Rich Snippet. This means that the voting of every post of your blog will be shown in Google search result.


  • Easy to control the voting system
  • The Google Rich Snippet supported
  • Shows the rating in the search result
  • Complete documentation available.

More info / Download Get Hosting

2 – Multi Rating 2020 UK

This plugin is quite new which means that it should be included in the list of best voting plugins of 2018 and works fine of the latest version of WordPress. This plugin has been downloaded only 5000+ times with 5 out of 5 user rating. This plugin allows you to set different type of voting on your posts including rating, polls, quizzes, and surveys. This plugin also has different voting styles. It is an SEO friendly plugin because it offers you the microdata. This means that the rating and voting on the post will be shown in Google search result.


  • Shortcode options available
  • Offers microdata
  • Supported by Google Rich Snippet
  • Different style of rating options
  • Ideal for rating, polls, quizzes, and surveys

More info / Download Get Hosting

3 – Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating 2020 UK

Yasr is an interesting voting plugin which has been used mostly for the post rating purposes by the users. The plugin works very smoothly on latest WordPress version. To make it easy for the WordPress owners, there is a complete documentation of this plugin is available. You have both options under this plugin; set rating option or voting option in your posts. The plugin also allows you to include more than one rating option in single post which is ideal for the review websites. You do not need to add text anymore to highlight the feature of a product.


  • Advance option to control voting system
  • Individual and multiset voting option available
  • It is SEO and user-friendly with fast loading speed
  • Detailed documentation is available
  • Rating gets indexed by Google search engine.

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4 – WP ULike 2020 UK

This plugin is not only work fine with WordPress but fully supports bbPress and BuddyPress. WP ULike has been recently updated with advance options where its work smoothly on latest WordPress version. This is an advanced WordPress voting plugin as it is required you, visitors, to log in to your website to cast the vote. You also get completely free statistics of every poll of your website separately. The best part of this plugin is the detailed statistics pages for individual votes. ULike has been powered by Ajax system which means that this will not affect your website loading time at all.


  • Available in so many different languages
  • Clean design with many freestyles
  • Supported by BuddyPress and bbPress
  • Google Rich Snippets Support (microdata)
  • Full statistics tool and widgets included.

More info / Download Get Hosting

5 – WPeddit 2020 UK

If you want to create a Reddit like the website where your visitors can vote your posts on the basis of information then you need to install the WPeddit plugin. It will turn your WordPress website to Reddit like the website within seconds. Unfortunately, this plugin is not available for free but it is worth to spend money on this plugin. This plugin will automatically change the position of your posts on the basis of the number of votes by the users. This is a great feature to know that what type of content your visitors like most. This plugin also has the option to set that who can vote (members or on the basis of IP address).


  • Post rank system on the basis of voting
  • The vote can be cast on the basis of IP and member ID
  • Show hottest posts on the number of votes
  • Voting can be set under the comment section
  • Works fine with any WordPress theme.

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6 – Like Button Rating & LikeBtn 2020 UK

The best thing about this voting plugin is the number of themes, parameters, and languages. It has more than 41 voting button themes and 80 parameters where this plugin is available in 40 different languages. Whether you want a Facebook like voting options, polling buttons, and rating features, this plugin can do all of these for you. You do not need to customize this plugin to match with your WordPress theme because it is already available in almost all different color schemes. These voting buttons can be added in any page type and supported by popular plugins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and bbPress etc.


  • 40 languages, 41 themes, and 80 parameters
  • Gives detail real-time reports
  • Shortcode available to display buttons
  • Works with Google Rich Snippets
  • Advance options and powerful plugin.

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7- WP Review Pro 2020 UK

It is an advanced WordPress Plugin which has been designed for the review websites. It is a true voting plugin as it comes up with all the options which one want to have a WordPress Plugin. If I am not wrong, there use to be the free version of this plugin a few years ago but today I only found its premium version. This plugin comes with the customized theme but it can also fit with any WordPress theme without any modification. This plugin comes up with 30 days money back policy, so you don’t need to be worried about in case if you don’t like it or finding difficult to operate.


  • Support for 14 Types of Rich Snippets
  • 16 Predefined Designs
  • Multiple Rating Systems
  • User Comment Rating and Review
  • Compatible with Any WordPress Theme
  • Google Places Reviews Integrated.

More info / Download Get Hosting

8 – Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin 2020 UK

By price, it is very cheap but in return, you will get a complete response and advance WordPress voting plugin. This plugin comes up with 12-month free support and free upgrades. It is very easy to use this plugin as there is shortcode generator included. This plugin also has Ajax voting system which will update the voting statistics in real time. You can set any type of options through its advanced control panel. You can choose that who can vote and revote etc.


  • This plugin has responsive design
  • It comes up with 15 different themes
  • Ajax voting and statistics included
  • Options to change vote and revote etc
  • Shortcode generator included.

More info / Download Get Hosting

9 – TotalPoll Pro – Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin 2020 UK

With more than 5500+ sales, this is indeed an excellent voting plugin for WordPress. The visitors have given almost 5 rating to this plugin due to its features and it is very easy to use. The complete documentation and video support for this plugin are also available by the developers. It is completely SEO friendly plugin which shows the voting and poll results in search results. You can use images, HTML, audio and even video in your polls to make them more interesting for the users.


  • It has options of custom fields
  • Comes with the advanced statistics page
  • Complete user logs details
  • Options to add photos and videos etc
  • You can set voting limitations.

More info / Download Get Hosting

10 – Vote5 – WordPress Voting Plugin 2020 UK

Let’s end this list with this premium WordPress voting Plugin which does not have many sales as it is the new plugin but it comes up with good options. It comes up with very detailed settings options which makes very easy for the webmaster to customize everything. Admin can ban the voters on the basis of their IP address, manage votes and filter and search votes etc.


  • Get features on search engine
  • Options to manage votes
  • Voting on the basis of IP addresses
  • Modify voting options.

More info / Download Get Hosting

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With the help of WordPress voting plugin, you can easily increase the user engagement and attract more visitors to your website. A voting plugin may make your website slow. So, make sure that you choose the right plugin which does not affect your website loading time. The above list has the best plugin, so you do not need to go anywhere else or test any random WordPress voting plugin.

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