Top 10 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins 2020 (Free & Premium)

If you are planning to start a job board website then there is no better option than using WordPress. WordPress has advanced options which will allow you to create a Job board website within seconds with the help of Best WordPress Job Board Plugins. The WordPress job board plugins are available in both; free and paid version.

Every WordPress job board plugin has different options. It is true that the paid plugin comes up with the advanced features but it does not mean that the premium plugin is always good for you. So it is better to test the free plugin first and then the paid one. But still, it can be difficult for the person to decide that which plugin is good or not. So, if you are looking for “free WordPress job board wp plugin” then you need to check this post till the end.

Following I am sharing the list of “best and top WordPress job board plugins 2018”. Every plugin has different features and options for both; employees and employer. So, use one which matches with your requirements most.

1# WP Job Manager – Best WordPress Job Board Plugins 2020

WP Job Manager is simple yet advances WordPress job board posting plugin which has been created for employers and employees. Like any professional job posting website, the companies can create their account on your website through this WordPress job board plugin and start posting the jobs. The employes can search the job by using the advanced search option and attach CV when applying for the job. This plugin will also allow the employer to manage listings from a simple dashboard. This plugin also has the option to set the paid job listing options.

You can also integrate this plugin different social websites like Indeed and Facebook. This plugin has an outstanding rating with more than 100,000 downloads and installations.

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2# Job Board Manager – Professional Job Portal 2020

This WordPress job board plugin creates colorful yet professional job portal on WordPress within seconds. You don’t need to add any additional job-related WordPress theme to make your website looks like a job board. This plugin will create one automatically. This plugin is my favorite due to numerous options available under the control panel of this WordPress plugin. You can also add the specific job to the specific post or page with the help of shortcode. It is 100% SEO friendly WordPress plugin which will create an optimized job posting website. This plugin uses Schema rich snippets markup for job listings.

This plugin comes up with a free bundle of add-ons to add multiple features like company profile, office map, widgets, and breadcrumbs etc.

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3# Simple Job Board – Best WordPress job board plugin 2020

This WordPress job board plugin is available in multiple languages. You don’t need to pay for the translation if you are making a job posting website in different languages. This plugin is very easy to use as compared to the above-mentioned plugin, that’s why the developer named it simple job board plugin. This plugin does not allow companies to create account and post jobs but all jobs can be added manually. The best thing about this plugin is the SEO optimization. It created a separate page for each job posted on the website and have the option to search for jobs on the bases of job types and categories.

This plugin has almost 4-star rating due to its easy to use features and options to add multiple job board add-ons for free to extend the look of the web page.

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4# Apply Online – Top & Professional job posting WP Plugin 2020

It is a complete WordPress job board plugin which will turn your boring WordPress website into a professional job posting website. It has options for companies and employees to post listing after creating an account on your website. The employee can apply for the job and even has the option to attach the file of different extensions. This plugin has many powerful features like post job ad on the basis of different filters, ask for the email IDs, set notifications and much more.

While this is an advance job posting and applying WordPress plugin but still it does not have the option to turn it into paid job listings website. You need to add an extra plugin called membership plugin to create subscription plan or use any contact form plugin to accept the paid listings.

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5# Job Board by BestWebSoft

This WordPress job plugin is not a true job board plugin because its only allow you to add the new jobs to your website. Ideally, it has been designed for the individual companies who want to create job or career pages on their website. This plugin will create individual pages to list jobs and receive the applications from candidates. This plugin may not look like a true job board plugin of WordPress but it has all those advanced options which a company need to see in their career or job page.

This plugin has about 100 different features and options to add or ask for the specific information from the candidates. This plugin also comes up with the shortcodes to include job information to any specific WordPress post or page.

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6# WPJobBoard – Premium WordPress Job board Plugin 2020

WPJobBoard is our first paid WordPress job board plugin. You won’t hesitate to pay for the advanced features which have been offered by this plugin. This plugin will add a powerful job search engine to your website. It has an excellent front end admin panel for the companies to submit jobs while the candidate will also get a front end admin panel to post a resume and monitor the progress etc. In short, this WordPress plugin will create a completely professional job posting website for you within minutes.

Some of the amazing features of this plugin are applicant tracking system, an employer portal, the job board with detailed description of the job, display jobs with the help of smart shortcodes, compatible with any WordPress theme and easy to use etc.

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7# JobRoller – Job Board Plugin for WordPress 2020

It is cheap but excellent WordPress job board plugin. This plugin comes up with the advance monetization options. You can set the option to get paid for job listings. In the price of one, you won’t only get the job plugin but also free WordPress job theme. The advanced options of this plugin will allow you to set blog or landing pages as your website homepage.

This plugin has options for both; employees and employer. They both can easily control different features with the help of simple admin panel. The JobRoller also have Ajax powered search feature which will show the jobs instantly instead of waiting to load the data from the database.

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8# JobEngine

Whenever you search for the best WordPress job board plugin, you will always found JobEngine at the top of the list. This is one of the oldest, most advanced and most downloaded WordPress job plugin and it should be due to its excellent features. Like professional job posting websites, this plugin will allow your users to create a detailed profile to add a listing or apply for the job. You can change options from free to paid and accept payment through many supported platforms like PayPal, 2Checkout and Stripe etc.

I love this plugin due to the professionally designed WordPress theme which is also included in the price of the plugin. It is hard to tell that this website is based on WordPress once you install this plugin on your website.

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9# Jobs and Experts from WPMU DEV

WPMU DEV has originally designed this plugin for their own website but later make it available for general public. It will create an ultimate job board WordPress within seconds. As per the WPMU DEV team, the aim to create this plugin is to match employers with employees because this plugin will take a more hands-off approach.

Usually, these type of plugins give more power and control to the employers but this plugin will create a professional online CV based profile for the employees as well which can be even used to apply for off-site jobs as well.

This plugin has features like upload avatar, built in private message system, allow users to upload and share files, set project deadline and other limited and create front-end profiles for both; company and employee.

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10# JS Jobs Pro – Top WordPress Job Board Plugin 2020

The last plugin of this list if also paid but unlike other paid plugins, this plugin has basic price options which allow you to use this plugin for 12 months (a good option for a newbie). Instead of using email ID only, this plugin has the option to use LinkedIn and Facebook to create account and login in the future. The plugin can also integrate with PayPal if you choose to use this plugin for paid listing and membership etc. There is also a free version of JS Job Manager available with limited options. If you are considering to purchase JS Job Pro Plugin, then you must try a free version first for some hands-on practice.

This plugin has advance statistic page too with colorful icons and related option to analyze the overall performance of the website.

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